What is 3CX all about?

What's new with 3CX?

After a few months of evaluating our new hosting service, we’re ready to officially launch 3CX hosting. Hosting with BIPCOM removes all the hassle of managing and maintaining your customers’ systems; in a nutshell, we’ll take care of:

  • Deployment of instances and configuration of firewall and security rules.
  • Management of 3CX OS including network and system, security patches and upgrades.
  • Keeping the PBXs updated.
  • Monitoring datacenter, instance and SIP trunk availability, usage of system resources, and SBC connectivity.

We have the Infrastructure.

Chatterboxes, this one’s for you!

SMS and Facebook Messaging

Integration has arrived.

More than 5 billion of us use messaging services each month (yes, our jaw hit the floor too!),
so it’s no surprise that 56% of us also prefer messaging our favorite brands!
If you’re looking to compete online, you need to reach your customers on the platforms they love.
Messaging is no longer a nice-to-have, it’s essential to great CX.

Update 7 Alpha integrates Facebook and SMS Messaging with 3CX chat for simple,
centralized messaging. Check out the release post and start testing today!