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Cutting Edge Internet Speeds 5G

5G broadband works by incorporating this new technology into a mobile broadband Wi-Fi hub rather than a smartphone, connecting to devices via a Wi-Fi signal in the same way as standard fixed broadband routers. Select from one of our six Voice and Data products to meet your requirements as of today and as of tomorrow. Selecting the best data circuit can be difficult. We listen, then suggest the most efficient circuit for each requirement. Mix & match wires only or fully managed, or whatever suits between the two.

Introducing Draytek Router

Starts from £39.00(exc. VAT)

– IPV6 Support. Transmit Beamforming Technology

– MU MIMO Technology for enhanced Wi-Fi Performance

An Overview

Whether you are interested in information only, voice only or converged voice and data services, you can be assured that purchasing the circuit through Voiceflex ensures two objectives:


  1. Traffic flow over the delivered circuit will route to the Voiceflex core network via the best possible pathway. In most cases bypassing public Internet nodes entirely.
  2. Traffic to the Internet will be delivered through reliable high speed carrier networks.

We have the Infrastructure.

The range of data products available is fully scalable, thereby allowing great flexibility, control your bandwidth directly paying for use rather than spare capacity.
Making a Change on the Internet Industry

We don’t just install and leave. Our value comes with looking after your circuits through monitoring tools and engineers who want to help.

Prepare for the best Digital Experience

With Guaranteed uptime & fastest speeds available, our products have Service Level Agreements which provide assurance around the level of service and amount of uptime you can expect.

Broadand Plans

Standard DSL
Premium DSL

Broadband FAQs

All data services require to be protected from malicious traffic on the public Internet. All Voiceflex Managed services provide site security through a firewall that runs either on the router provided or at an Internet breakout point within the client’s private network cloud. Clients may use their own firewall if they desire by ordering a wires only services from Voiceflex.

We constantly monitor our data connections, looking for issues with the core network or voice traffic. Finding issues before customers do is important, we don’t always managed that but like to try.

Our IP network infrastructure processes over 80% real-time data. We have to move the data as efficiently as possible to maintain call quality. This allows you to leverage our knowledge to build both your voice and data infrastructure using EFM (Ethernet First Mile), VPLS and traditional private Ethernet services – both domestically and internationally, providing competitive pricing.

All circuits are delivered using either fibre or copper lines. Copper delivery is fast and easy to implement as it uses pre-installed/existing copper wires that are readily available as spares on client premises. However, copper circuits are susceptible to electrical noise and interference and hence only lower data speeds are possible on copper services.

Fibre is gaining greater prevalence as a means of service delivery in the UK. FTTC, where the connection between the Exchange and street side ‘green cabinets’, is converted to fibre with only the last piece of wire from the green cabinet to the client premises being copper is already in widespread use. FTTP – where the last piece of copper is being replaced by fibre such that Fibre exists all the way between the exchange and client premises is also becoming more widely deployed.

Other Business Solutions

At BIPCOM we have a range of solutions for any size business, small, medium or large. We work with you to find the most suitable solution for your Business.

for Business


Swyx develops communication software specifically tailored to the needs of small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs). We have made it our task to bundle the

for Business


Highlight the cost savings with 3CX! They will be remarkable. Switching from a traditional PBX to an IP PBX will already deliver significant call costs savings.

Microsoft 365
for Business

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) is a line of subscription services offered by Microsoft as part of the Microsoft office product line. The brand encompasses plans